PAM  Polyacrylamide, Flocculant for Water Treatment

PAM &solPolyacrylamide&comma Flocculant for Drinking water Remedy

Anionic polyacrylamide &lparETP flocculant chemcials&rpar functions as the flocculant in ETP plant&period of time

PAM &solPolyacrylamide&comma flocculant for drinking water treatment is&comma just called PAM&comma a drinking water- soluble higher polymer and commonly utilized in petroleum&comma paper-making&comma metallurgical&comma textile&comma chemical and surroundings defense fields&period of time There are three groups of anionic&comma cationic and non-ionic kind&time period

Polyacrylic acide&lparAnionic powder&rpar is large molecular fat polymer with anionic cost&comma utilized for industrial and potable water therapy&comma paper mills and mining sector&interval

CAS number for PAM&colon 9003-05-eight

Requirements&colon Index&colon
Visual appeal&colon Off-White Granular Powder
Ionic Charge&colon Anionic
Particle Measurement&colon 20-one hundred mesh
Molecular Weight&colon Substantial
Anionic Degree&colon Medium
Sound Articles&colon 89&percnt Minimum
Bulk Density&colon About &period8
Specific Gravity at 25°C&colon one&period01-one&period1
CZPTmmended Functioning Concentration&colon &period1-&period5&percnt
PH Benefit&colon 4-9
Storage Temperature &lpar°C&rpar&colon – 35

PAM Purposeful theory
Flocculation System&colon Adsorbing suspension particles&comma polymer chains entangle and cross-hyperlink each and every other to sort bridging&comma and make flocculation construction enlarge and thicken&comma and has the functions of surface adsorption and electric powered neutralization&period of time Reinforcing Mechanism&colon PAM molecule chain and dispersed section form bridging bond&comma ion bond and covalent bond to boost mixture power&interval

Anionic polyacrylamide polymer Packing&colon
25kg&solplastic improved paper baggage with internal plastic bag&comma 25kg&solPE baggage

PAM polymer storage and shelf life&colon
PAM polyaceylamide polymer need to be storaged in a dry and cool warehouse with 24 months validity&period

Polyacrylamide Answer make up&colon
Remedy need to be made up at &period1-&period3&percnt sound&period Make-up h2o temerature must be among 10 oC to 40 oC for the best possible solution functionality&period Following dispersion into agitated water&comma stirring ought to be proceed for about an hour&period The liquid polyacrylamide are steady for 1 7 days&period of time

PAM manufacturing facility&comma modest quantity trail buy CZPT&colon
Laboratory to make certain the PAM high quality hold very good and steady&colon
Manufacturing facility loading make certain the PAM offers intact&colon


PAM  Polyacrylamide, Flocculant for Water Treatment