New Shacman 6X4 Road Wrecker Truck with 20ton Capacity

New Shacman 6X4 Road Wrecker Truck with 20ton Capacity

New Shacman 6×4 Road Wrecker Truck With 20ton Ability

The wrecker is equipped with lifting, towing, lifting and other products on the basis of specific cargo chassis. It has the capabilities of lifting, traction, lifting, lifting system, carrying transportation, and many others. it is simple to operate, stunning, protected and reliable. It is broadly employed in highway, public stability and targeted traffic law enforcement, airport, wharf, auto mend industry and freeway organization and other departments. It can cleanse up accidents, faults and illegal automobiles in time and quickly.

According to the functioning capability, the wrecker can be divided into small light-weight, medium weighty and tremendous weighty trailer in accordance to the structural characteristics of the operation device, the impediment removing motor vehicle can be divided into 3 kinds: the separation sort of the support crane, the type of the help crane coupling, the sort of the flat back load, and the sort of the system lifting according to the specific capabilities of the growth and the bracket, the wrecker can also be divided into the boom rotating sort, the boom sliding kind and the supporting arm variety Folding (load) sort, and many others.

Our large wrecker trucks incliuding:
Truck chassis, hoisting equipment,truck tow hook, tow truck winch,tow truck wheel 
raise, hydraulic system, electric control system, truck body and the tool boxes.

The recovery trucks can hoist, lift, draw and be with other special functions, 
mainly used in highway, garage and city road obstacle cleaning. Xaigong Chusheng hefty recovery vans can tow 16 to 50 tons broken auto.

As a professional weighty recovery vans producer, virtually all of our vans can meet your need:
Correct hand generate wrecker tow vehicles, still left hand travel wrecker tow vehicles, 4×2 wreckers, 6×4 wreckers, 8×4 tow wrecker vans,and so on. In tyes, we have flat bed tow vehicles, rotator tow truck, wheel raise tow truck,wrecker truck mounted crane, and many others. We have underneath raise hefty restoration vehicles sale and weighty rotator restoration vans for sale.

two.Depth specification:

Merchandise Descriptions Requirements
Truck Name  Shacman Wrecker tow truck
Drive Type  6*four
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 25000
Curb Weight (kg)  21000
Overall Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 1571×2500×3200
Engine Brand  Sinotruk
Fuel Type  Diesel 
Power  250kw/340HP   
Displacement(ml)  9726
Engine Type 6 cylinders in line, water-cooling, 
Turbo-charged diesel engine, inter-cooling.
Chassis Brand Shacman
Entrance/Rear Axle Load(KG)  7000/18000 
Tire No. 10
Tire Specification  eleven.00-20 Nylon tire or Steel Tire
Wheelbase (mm)  5800+1400
Axle No.  2
Steering Wheel Left hand drive with power-assisted
  Gear Box  12SJD160,twelve CZPT with 1 reverse, manual  
Brake  Air brake 
Air Conditional Suitable for tropical climate
Front/rear suspension(mm)  1500/3571
Leaf CZPT No.  10/12
Towing and lifting system Winch No. two
Wire rope 50 meter
Wheel lift capacity(kg) 25000
Towing capacity (kg) 30000
Wrecker element Model:20T20D,
Conjoined jacket,
CZPTed multi-way valve,
Two-area hexagonal growth,
A few brackets,
Independent carriage,
Bilateral linkage procedure unit,
Two 10ton hydraulic hoists,
forty five m wire rope, diameter 18MM,
4 sets of steel forks, a single set of drag forks, one particular established of steel plate lug drag forks,
One set of fetal holding gadget.
One set long line of CZPT lights,
One set of auxiliary lights,
one set of auxiliary air duct assembly,
Two bundled chains.


Cargo for trucks:

four.Choice Obtainable:
CZPT sidewinder legs with twenty, 000lbs winches
Three phase growth
Lower profile 144 CZPT regular lifting program
CZPT toolbox configurations
In-taxi controls
Rear tail board controls
CZPT paint and graphics
Aluminum gown up package
Added body forks
CZPT attachments
Weighty duty wheel raise
Bus bars
Tri-axle body
Complete installation solutions
Prolonged warranty

5.Benefits of the wrecker:
(1). It also has the traits of usefulness, versatility and robust practicability with other common obstacle clearing operations. It can use the typically employed supporting tools, chain belts, rigging and auxiliary products to distinct the obstructions.
(2).Easy composition: this variety of impediment removing automobile is a supporting and hanging joint composition, and the manufacturing approach is reasonably straightforward, so the generation expense is reasonably reduced.
(three). Huge lifting potential: its curb bodyweight is lighter than other separate kinds of supporting cranes, which minimizes the load on the rear axle and raises the lifting potential of the complete automobile. For the exact same eight-ton motor vehicle, the lifting potential of the blended sort is 500-1500 kg higher than that of the separate sort.
(4). Good maneuverability and practicability: because of to the folding of the corbel, the modest size of the rear suspension and the little radius of the turning channel of the motor vehicle, the truck’s mobility is improved, specially suitable for working in the narrow urban roadway and traffic street.
(5). Basic procedure: because the jib and corbel are built-in, the procedure is a lot more easy and clear.
(six). Simple to maintain: when compared with the independent type of trolley crane, owing to its straightforward design and style structure, there is no need for individual 4-bar system and chute system, so it is easy to use and keep, and will save lubrication and upkeep work and materials decline.
(seven). CZPTity: soon after simple modification, it can be turned into an obstacle removing vehicle with automatic tire keeping gadget, so as to recognize hydraulic full-computerized operation.

New Shacman 6X4 Road Wrecker Truck with 20ton Capacity


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