Multipole Electric Track System for Mobile Power Distribution

*Competitive Features

one. Conductor material: ninety nine.ninety nine% electrolytic copper, excellent conductive home and vitality-preserving.
2. PVC housing: fine insulating home, high impact, substantial mechanical toughness extended overall performance lifestyle.
3. Security, touch proof.
4. 4m/piece, simple to install, maintain and substitute.
5. Clear and tidy, esthetic look, stunning environment.
six. Suited for various types of temperature.
seven. Can customise curved tracks.

*Major Apps
-Developing routine maintenance and office techniques&Wrapping and packaging equipment
-Overhead ,elongated tracks for cranes and EOT cranes
-Monorails and data transmission programs for a variety of purposes
-CZPT hoists and electrical instruments
-Stacking systems and port devices
-Supplying power to relocating electrical power masses.
-Ring-shaped apps or slip rings



-Quantity of poles: 3-16
-Rated Recent: 50A-300A
-Conductor material: Electrolytic copper
-CZPT length: 4m 
-Housing: PVC or aluminum alloy protection

*CZPT parameters 

 1. 3 Poles 

Specification Cross section
Rated Current      (A) Dimension
Cat. No.
HXTS-3-ten/50 ten 50 57×67 two.three 68TS57310
HXTS-3-sixteen/80 sixteen eighty two.5 68TS57316
HXTS-3-twenty five/a hundred and twenty 25 120 2.8 68TS57325
HXTS-3-35/one hundred forty 35 a hundred and forty 3. 68TS57355
HXTS-three-fifty/170 fifty 170 65×95 four. 68TS65350
HXTS-three-70/210 70 210 four.5 68TS65370

two. 4 Poles 

Specification Cross Section
Rated Current
Cat. No. 
HXTS-four-10/fifty 10 50 57×67 2.4 68TS57410
HXTS-four-16/eighty sixteen 80 68TS57416
HXTS-4-twenty five/one hundred twenty 25 a hundred and twenty 3. 68TS57425
HXTS-4-35/a hundred and forty 35 140 three.three 68TS57435
HXTS-four-fifty/one hundred seventy 50 a hundred and seventy 65×95 4.five 68TS65450
HXTS-four-70/210 70 210 five. 68TS65470

three. 5 Poles

Specification  Cross section
Rated Current
Excess weight
Cat. No.
HXTS-five-ten/50 10 fifty 57×67 2.five 68TS57510
HXTS-5-16/80 sixteen 80 two.8 68TS57516
HXTS-five-25/120 twenty five a hundred and twenty 3.two 68TS57525
HXTS-5-35/one hundred forty 35 a hundred and forty three.6 68TS57535
HXTS-five-50/a hundred and seventy fifty one hundred seventy 65×95 4.9 68TS65550
HXTS-5-70/210 70 210 five.six 68TS65570



1. Conductor rail:  4m/piece
two. End Feeder: one piece for one line 
3. Sliding Hanger: Max. distance 1.3m  
four. Fixing Support: Max. distance 1.3m 
5. Line Feed/Middle Feeder: one piece each line  
6. Hanger Clamp: Max. distance 1.3m 
7. Joint Cover: one piece each 4m 
8. End Cap: piece one line 
nine. Current Collector 
ten. Current collector holder/Tow Arm 

*Other conductor program we can offer
-Solitary pole conductor program
– Versatile conductor method
– Busbar tunking system
-Ligthing busbar/busway/bus duct
-C keep track of rail technique
-Cable Tray
-Cable carrier chain
– Metal conductor system
-Other cell energy provide

Multipole Electric Track System for Mobile Power Distribution