Flange Coupling

Particular Offshore Floating Hose Flange Coupling
A special spool piece flange coupling (above, views A & B) is now designed for floating hose operations in the offshore loading industry. The spool piece device is created for tight area manifold extensions, hose lifting factors and reducer couplings. It features unique lifting pads, cam guard ring and improved corrosion resistant qualities required for offshore applications. As choices, MMC offers a studded type C-L coupling (above, C) that can be mounted on a customer-supplied standard spool piece, or an optional C-L coupling with stud lengths long plenty of to bridle a butterfly valve and floating hose flange end. Both of these alternate configurations possess the same enhanced corrosion feature as the spool piece type.
WIDE VARIETY of Flange Sizes and Construction Materials
CL-flange couplins are available in sizes 4″ – 20″ costume sizes and configurations are also open to meet any want. A detailed C-L flange dimensional could be sent upon request via telephone, fax or e-mail.
SPECIFICATIONS (Standard Studded C-L Coupling Applications)
Flange type (Studded): 150# ANSI, steel type 31655 ASTM A-182.
Flanged Spool type: 150# ANSI, forged steel, ASTM A-105, nickel plated cam side face.
Nut Blocks: Metal, ASTM A-216, WCB.
Cam: High power stainless, ASTM A-487 alloy CA-6NM.
Cam Bolts: High strength steel, ASTM A-311, nickel plated.
Studs and Nuts: ASTM A193-B8 and A194-8A, UNC thread, type 304 stainless.
O-Band: Buna-N (1 installed) regular, 1 spare.
Cam Bolts Grease Fittings: Stainless type 304.
Cam Locking Wrench: Manganese bronze, ASTM B-147, Alloy 8A.
Painting Schedule: o Primer: Reddish oxide alkyd enamel o End: Jotun Pilot II #39W72 enamel blue-gray tint #F-23 o Interior: Black gloss waterborne enamel
Pressure Testing: 450 psi (32 kg/cm squared).
SPECIFICATIONS (Floating Hose C-L Coupling Applications)
Flanged type (studded): 150# ANSI, steel type 31655 ASTM A-182.
Flanged Spool type: 150# ANSI, forged steel, ASTM A-105, nickel plated cam side face.
Nut Blocks: Steel, ASTM A-216, WCB.
Cam Bolts: High power steel, ASTM A-311, nickel plated.
Cam: High strength stainless steel, ASTM A-487 alloy CA-6NM.
Studs and Nuts: ASTM A193-B8 and A194-8A, UNC thread, type 304 stainless.
O-Ring: Buna-N (1 installed) standard, 1 spare.
Cam Bolts Grease Fittings: Stainless steel type 304.
Cam Guard Ring: Steel pipe, double extra strong, ASTM A-106.
Cam Locking Wrench: Manganese bronze, ASTM B-147, Alloy 8A.
Painting Routine: o Primer: Crimson oxide alkyd enamel o Finish: Jotun Pilot II #39W72 enamel blue-gray tint #F-23 o Interior: Black gloss waterborne enamel
Pressure Testing: 450 psi (32 kg/cm squared).
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Types of Flange Coupling
A very daily want of coupling arises after you buy a costly and potent pump and electric motor for this, because they both need to be connected to ensure optimum utilization while providing them protection from depreciation.
It really is inevitable to couple both shafts, and it could be easy if they could possibly be flawlessly aligned, and shafts under no circumstances shifted due to the vibration of the machines. Because of scientific inventions, you’ll be able to accommodate all the challenges by utilizing a flexible coupling
The two-piece coupling unit comprises of a keyed getting side for the flanged end to be secured to, so it may be married to the opposing tube end, which additionally includes a flanged end.
Every flange has the male or female coupler opening so when both ends are united, they are adjusted without leading to resistance or drag in the materials being been through them.
This male or female coupling technique likewise makes a stable connection that is impervious to shifting, keeping the flange coupling sturdily setup.
Flange couplings are normally utilized in pressurized piping systems where two pipes or tubing closes need to meet up.
The associating options for flange couplings are generally solid because of either the weight of the material or the occasionally dangerous nature of materials went through numerous modern piping systems.
Great thread count nut and bolt connections are used to verify the rib couplings set up. These nuts and bolts are generally produced using tempered steel or compounds to provide struggling quality and the capability to be set to the most severe dimension to ensure the piping system doesn’t leak at any flanged junction.
Most flange couplings make use of four, six, or up to 12 bolt assemblies.
Flange Coupling
Flange Coupling may be the standard types of couplings, which are most extensively used. Flange coupling is certainly sort of connector between turning chutes which have two plans of flanges.
Flanges are fitted or provided at the end of shafts. The flanges are tightened together through a number of nuts and bolts. Among these flanges or chutes is normally fixed by the end of each shaft.
During activities and operations, couplings ensure that there is zero interference of shafts. Regardless, a few couplings have torque constraints, and it could fail or disengage the shafts whenever a identical limit surpasses past a specific point.
To utilize the advantages of the growing market of flange coupling, not merely in India but across the world, many Indian companies like Rathi Coupling stick out to be the very best Coupling Manufacturers.
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Keys are machine elements used to prevent any type of relative rotational motion between a mounted shaft and the parts mounted onto it.
For making the joint, keyways or grooves are trim on the surface of the shaft and in the hub of the component to be mounted.
The mounting at an intermediate location on the shaft, the key is firmly placed in the keyway of the shaft and the part to be mounted is slid, until it gets fully engaged.
Types of Flange Coupling
The necessity for coupling arises once you purchase a heavy working costly pump and motor for it because they both have to be linked and ensured to be maximum utilized while providing protection simultaneously.
It is unavoidable to couple both shafts, and it would be simple when they may be flawlessly aligned, and shafts by no means moved due to the vibration of the machines.
Generally, there are three types of flange coupling; they can be classified as protected flange coupling, unprotected flange coupling and marine flange coupling.
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Protected Flange Coupling
To make it a protected, in these types of flange coupling, the protruding screws and nuts are shielded simply by flanges on both the parts of the coupling. This kind of course of action assists in sidestepping risks for the labourers.
Marine Flange Coupling
In Marine Flange Coupling, flanges are formed integrally with the shafts. According to the perimeter of the shafts, the amount of bolts used is decided. It ranges from four to twelve bolts. These kinds of flange coupling elongated bolts with out a head are been utilized to hold the shafts together.
Unprotected Flange Coupling
In an unprotected flange coupling, each shaft is entered in the main flange with a security key that modifies in to the keyways of both the shafts and furthermore the fundamental flange of the device. The flanges are consolidated with the assistance of screws and bolts.
In these types of coupling, three to six screws are used to affix the flanges. Keyways may cause a debilitating effect on the flange coupling by making a gap. To moderate the same, the keys are well balanced at the correct point along the perimeter of the shafts.
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