220V 50Hz Construction Hoist Electrical Motor Having High Medium Low Speed

Visual appeal design&colon gorgeous modelling concise&semiBrake put on hidden inside lead&semiPlug in type electromagnetic wire&semiCZPT rings seat style&period 

Inside efficiency&colon joint development lifter true operating issue&comma inside replicate equivalent domestic foremost degree of the motor performance&interval

Embodied in&colon rated voltage eighty five&percnt when can complete load beginning&semiRated load one hundred twenty five&percnt when comfortable starting and stable procedure&semiCan be moderately content to meet the demand of the brake adjustment&semiFrictionless procedure of the brake disc structure to get higher running stability&comma minimal noise and high the entire lifestyle&period 

Dependability&colon the friction brake disc twelve months&comma the typical lifestyle expectancy of armature and mounted brake disc lifestyle expectancy for thirty months&comma brake trouble-cost-free operating times&comma 200000 instances on common&comma problems-free of charge operating time is an regular of eighteen months&semiMotor can be selected embedded type thermal protection system&comma make certain trustworthy motor thermal overload defense&periodInterchangeability and maintainability&colon motor and DC brake

All varieties of hoist spare elements
Driving unit with two-motors &sol 3-motors&semi
motor&colon 11kw&comma fourteen&period5kw&comma18kw&semi
motor spare components&colon braking program&semi brake sheet&comma motor adjustor&comma electromagnet&commamotor enthusiast&time period
safety system&colon 30KN&comma40KN&comma50KN&comma60KN&semi
gearbox&colon 16&colon1&comma14&colon1&comma12&colon1&semi10&colon1&semi

Attribute Product Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
CZPT cabin
SC200&sol200  2×2000kg 33m&solmin 2×&lpar3×11kw&rpar 2×&lpar2×13kw&rpar
SC150&sol150  2×1500kg 33m&solmin 2×&lpar2×15kw&rpar
SC100&sol100  2×1000kg 33m&solmin 2×&lpar2×11kw&rpar
Single cabin
SC200     2000kg 33m&solmin 3×11kw
SC150     1500kg 33m&solmin 2×15kw
SC100     1000kg 33m&solmin 2×11kw

220V 50Hz Construction Hoist Electrical Motor Having High Medium Low Speed