08b-1 Gripper Chain with Attachments

08b-1 Gripper Chain with Attachments

Stainless steel chains are suited for corrosive situations involving foods&comma chemicals&comma prescription drugs&comma and many others&comma aslo suited for higher and low temperature circumstances&time period
Including&colon Stainless metal roller chains&comma double pitch stainless steel conveyor chains&comma stainless steel hollow pin chians&period

DIN&solISO DIN&solISO Chain No&interval ANSI ANSI Chain NO&period  Pith Roller diameter Winth amongst interior plates Pin diameter Pin size    internal plate depth Plate thickness    Breaking load   Bodyweight for every meter
P d1 max b1 min d2 max L max Lc max h2 max T max q
mm mm mm mm  mm mm mm mm kN&solIbf kg&solm
&ast04CSS &ast25  6&period350 three&period30 three&period18 two&period31 seven&period90 eight&period40 six&period00 &period80 2&period5&sol568 &period15
&ast06CSS &ast35  9&period525 five&period08 4&period77 three&period58 twelve&period40 thirteen&period17 9&period00 one&period30 5&period5&sol1250 &period33
08ASS 40 twelve&period700 seven&period95 7&period85 3&period96 16&period60 seventeen&period80 twelve&period00 1&period50 nine&period6&sol2182 &period63
085SS 41 twelve&period700 7&period77 6&period25 3&period58 thirteen&period75 15&period00 nine&period91 1&period30 6&period0&sol1360 &period46
10ASS 50 15&period875 10&period91 9&period40 five&period08 twenty&period70 22&period20 15&period09 2&period03 fifteen&period2&sol3455 1&period03
12ASS 60 19&period050 eleven&period91 12&period57 five&period94 25&period90 27&period70 eighteen&period00 2&period42 21&period7&sol4932 one&period51
16ASS 80 25&period400 fifteen&period88 15&period75 7&period92 32&period70 35&period00 24&period00 3&period25 38&period9&sol8841 2&period62
20ASS a hundred 31&period750 19&period05 eighteen&period90 9&period53 40&period40 forty four&period70 30&period00 four&period00 60&period0&sol13636 3&period94
24ASS one hundred twenty 38&period100 22&period23 25&period22 eleven&period10 fifty&period30 54&period30 35&period70 four&period80 72&period5&sol16477 5&period72
28ASS one hundred forty 44&period450 twenty five&period40 twenty five&period22 12&period70 54&period40 59&period00 forty one&period00 five&period60 94&period0&sol21363 seven&period70
32ASS 160 fifty&period800 28&period58 31&period55 fourteen&period27 sixty four&period80 69&period60 47&period80 6&period40 136&period08&sol30925 10&period10
04BSS 6&period000 four&period00 two&period80 1&period85 six&period80 7&period80 five&period00 &period60 2&period0&sol455 &period11
05BSS eight&period000 five&period00 three&period00 two&period31 8&period20 eight&period90 seven&period10 &period80 3&period5&sol795 &period20
&num06BSS nine&period525 6&period35 five&period72 three&period28 13&period15 14&period10 eight&period20 one&period30 6&period2&sol1409 &period41
08BSS twelve&period700 eight&period51 seven&period75 4&period45 sixteen&period70 18&period20 11&period80 1&period60 twelve&period0&sol2727 &period70
10BSS 15&period875 ten&period16 9&period65 five&period08 19&period50 twenty&period90 fourteen&period70 1&period70 14&period5&sol3295 &period94
12BSS 19&period050 twelve&period07 11&period68 5&period72 22&period50 24&period20 16&period00 one&period85 eighteen&period5&sol4205 1&period16
16BSS twenty five&period400 fifteen&period88 17&period02 8&period28 36&period10 37&period40 21&period00 four&period15&sol3&period1 40&period0&sol9091 two&period73
20BSS 31&period750 19&period05 19&period56 ten&period19 forty one&period30 45&period00 26&period40 four&period5&sol3&period5 fifty nine&period0&sol13409 three&period73
24BSS 38&period100 twenty five&period40 twenty five&period40 fourteen&period63 fifty three&period40 fifty seven&period80 33&period20 six&period0&sol4&period8 104&period0&sol25454 seven&period20
32BSS fifty&period800 29&period31 30&period99 seventeen&period81 sixty six&period00 71&period00 42&period00 seven&period0&sol6&period0 one hundred fifty&period0&sol34090 ten&period22

08b-1 Gripper Chain with Attachments


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